Most Expensive Concrete Jobs

Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials available today. From industrial construction to domestic buildings, it has become indispensable. The reason for this is not farfetched. Concrete is durable and malleable, making it the ideal material for many construction projects. The increase in demand for it has also caused its price to rise also causing a rising trend in Honolulu concrete repairs to cut down on new project costs. We examine the most expensive concrete jobs that you will have to do at your house.


No matter what you are using to build your house, concrete is the number one choice for the base. It provides the needed strength for a home to stand. So, whether you are using brick, metal, regular cement blocks, or even timber, you will still spend a fortune on a concrete footer. This is expensive, mostly because of space and depth that has to be filled up on most occasions. Some foundations also use reinforcements and pillars, all of which increase the cost. 


Flooring your apartment is one of the most expensive concrete works you can do in the house. This cost is usually determined by the space, the type of concrete, and other features incorporated into the floor. You should not be discouraged by the price; it is one of the best home improvements. That will bring returns in added value to your and comfort for you. Concrete floors regulate the temperature within your house, absorb noise, and are more durable. You can also embed hot water pipes or electric coils into the floor to heat up on the apartment on cold days

You can floor your house using a precast concrete slab or suspended slab. For precast concrete, the material is company manufactured and transported to your home. Suspended slab, on the other hand, is formed and poured in on-site with a removable or permanent framework.


Due to the use of steel reinforcements in pillars, the cost, especially where it is more than one, could be very costly. While it is usually used in commercial, industrial, and large residential blocks, you can also need it for your home. Pillars are used in foundations, to bear extra loads in large open spaces like the living room, to support external structures like verandahs, patios, roofs, etc. 


While there are many materials (asphalt, bitumen, interlocking bricks, etc.) for making driveways, many people are shifting towards concrete because of its durability and flexibility. Concrete driveways usually use steel bars to improve weight capacity and reduce cracks. Constructing one will be expensive not only in materials but also in labor.


Another concrete job that could cost a lot of money is the walls. On average, a concrete wall cost over six thousand dollars to buy and install.  The size of the wall, its thickness, and its designs will determine the cost. However, concrete walls are very functional and can speed up construction. 

There are different types, and one of the most innovative is insulating concrete forms. This is made of high-density plastic foam filled with fresh concrete and steel reinforcement. It is more insulated than regular concrete walls and comes in plank, panel, and block configurations.